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Our Resident Architects

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The University of Newcastle is home to some of the best design minds in the country, with six AIA gold-medal winning architects committed to passing their knowledge on to the next generation.

This team of leading architects makes up the School of Architecture and Built Environment’s Architects in Residence. Rather than having one professor, the role was split into fractional positions so students could benefit from each of the architect’s individual strengths. 

These internationally renowned architects are behind prestigious works including the Sydney Opera House, Olympic villages in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, and extraordinary university buildings, woolsheds, apartments, and houses.

The resident architects are fully involved in all levels of teaching and host specialist mentoring sessions. Regular one-on-one time with students has inspired students to think outside of the box and has fostered a sense of community within the faculty. By implementing this innovative approach, it has encouraged collaboration in future professional practice.

“Mentoring is a much stronger way of passing on information. It’s one thing having a gold medal, it’s another to be generous in passing on that knowledge. I think all the fractional professors here are extraordinarily generous in passing on their knowledge,” said Professor Peter Stutchbury.

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