Goatland is a landscape architecture project that aims to remediate toxic lands through the use of plants and grazing goats. First initiated by Professor SueAnne Ware, Head of School for Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, it is now in collaboration with Urban Growth NSW, focusing on remediating the lands around White Bay power station in Rozelle NSW (3km from Sydney).

A competition was taken on by the students from the University of Newcastle (UON) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), looking at how the remediated land could be used. The students explored ideas of how the public can engage in the site and benefit from this remediation process. UON student Derrick Chu explains his groups' concept;

“We developed a series of pods housing multiple functions allowing visitors to interact via digital interface while the site was being remediated... each pod would house a small sample of the toxin [of the current location] and have the correlating species growing around it to show the remediation process in action.”

Now the contemplation of the site continues as it progresses into a live project. Research is underway by recent UON Master of Architecture graduate Kalyna Sparks on behalf of the University of Newcastle to determine how the remediation can be feasibly carried out.

Goatland ideas competition winners

Tied for First Place:

Group 02 - PhytoEducate

  • UON: Derrick Chu, Luca Hudson, Yiran Zhou
  • UTS: Jiao Gu, Yousef Ghazal, Jeremy Chivas



  • UON: Anita Eckstein, Luke Grey
  • UTS: Daniel Rooke, Thomas Woodhead & Ye Yang

Honourable Mention:

Group 01 - variegation

  • UON: Sam Allibon, Courtney White
  • UTS: Josh Abbott, Jess Garment  Faid Ahmad
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