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Reef Apparatus

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Our coral reef system is a mere fading shadow of its former self. The project is a loud statement of the current practice that not only understands the present but explores the future of the coral ecosystem.

The project draws its inspiration from the ephemerality of the island and the potential of the site to nurture an ecosystem that would endorse the next generation of corals.

The architecture becomes a mechanism that draws and responds its ethos to the timely nature of the corals and its surrounding landscape. The site chosen is located in the island of Mauritius more precisely on a sub-island emerged near a coastal village, Baie du Tombeau.

The sub-island was formed by the industrialisation of the island and with its rapid growth, the need of cheap construction material was needed, sand. This part of the island continuously dredged and weathered caused the formation of coral island.

The island offered and suggested ideas or more specifically a place to reunite the realm of human and nature, separated by the process of time.

During the site analysis, the site offered countless opportunities: the continuous behavioral edges and mutation of its land mass combined with the nature of both the island and the village itself cased.

Jeremy Tack Shin Plan Dwg
Jeremy Tack Shin Plan Dwg
Jeremy Tack Shin Section
Jeremy Tack Shin Section
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