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Students transform Newcastle’s former rail corridor

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Rail Corridor Exhibition, photo by Max Mason-Hubers, The Herald
Rail Corridor Exhibition, photo by Max Mason-Hubers, The Herald

University of Newcastle (UON)’s third-year Architecture program students were given the opportunity as part of their final project work to showcase how they would transform Newcastle’s former heavy rail corridor.

The ‘Rail L-and exhibition’ at Watt Space Gallery revealed student generated concepts in a 3.6 metre model of the city, developed as 48 connected and ambitious ideas for how this urban space may be developed.
Students were given six weeks to transform the city and realise their urban dreams, their imagination only limited by the six block stretch between Crown Street and Newcomen street they had to work with. A computer controlled machine was then used to realise their visions as timber models.

A common theme throughout the diverse concepts was an emphasis on social justice and enhancing engagement within the community. Students also aimed to bring nature back to city, with opportunities to connect with flora and fauna.  Creations included a cultural kitchen, a place to hire pets, bookbinders, places for youth and the elderly, business hubs and networks, black box theatres, bird houses, bamboo centres and an asylum seekers resource centre. 

Read the full feature and view more photos in the Newcastle Herald.

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