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The Blooming Kernel

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The Blooming Kernel, an educational and art cultural centre involves educational programs, training and intellectual development among children of the Indigenous community. It also accommodates spaces that implicate in conserving and upholding traditional knowledge and the Indigenous heritage. It ties together cultural politics, constructing and teaching a proper attitude and conduct when in the presence of Indigenous culture, and creating economic and social opportunities.

The Blooming Kernel is a symbolic name for the success and prosper  that glow from core fundamental of ‘Orang Asli’ – Indigenous community. The Blooming Kernel goes beyond architecture that emulates the forms and efficiencies of nature: and even one that further seeks a harmony with nature by gently accomodationg itself to nature, and inviting it within its fabric as an all-pervading presence. It encompasses also an architecture that feels natural to its place and times, that draws on the still vital forms and skill of local tradition and yet, it extending the possiblitities of the present, helps the future gracefully to unfold.

The building design concept, built form and spatial configurations will be obliged and acknowledge the culture and traditional customs of the Indigenous community. This project emphasis on creating building design that enhances human experience, as well as facilitate activities that bring joy to the human spirit. As respecting the Indigenous cultures and heritage, the spaces and design configuration are shaped by place and programme rather than a personal design idiom. The Blooming Kernel mediate between the building and its surrounding, evoking the forms of the local vegetation and traditional settlements, and exploiting climatic conditions to provide natural ventilation.

Sabrina Kamal
Sabrina Kamal
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