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Justin Hamilton | SHAC

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SHAC is the crafty and collaborative design orientated architectural practice from the seedy underbelly of Islington. SHAC is a shared creative studio inspired by six directors each with specific talents in commercial and residential architecture. The SHAC team includes an intuitively talented bunch of University of Newcastle Alumni all hungry to make Newcastle the Creativity Hub of Australia.

The SHAC process is both authentic and inventive. SHAC practices first with people and their unique location, then with design principles of efficiency, viability and familiarity. Personal elements are an essential reflective response in SHACs design process. SHAC also loves to rely on traditional ordering principles in design such as pattern, grid, rhythm and repetition. SHAC are also painfully persistent when it comes to co-ordinated structure and services.

For over 16 years SHAC have taken their regionally inspired design and development techniques abroad and have enjoyed working across NSW, QLD, VIC, NT and overseas in the UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Tunisia. Together SHAC creates Airports, Education Campuses, Hospitals, Infrastructure and Residential Projects.

Justin Hamilton is the Managing Director of SHAC. Justin’s personal affinity is with simple pragmatic and relevant architecture. Relevance includes solutions that are flexible, adaptable, affordable and sustainable. He practices with a disciplined strategy to make purposeful architecture, make it fun, have fun making it and passionately navigate the concept to construction.

Introduced by Professor SueAnne Ware, Head of School for Architecture & Built Environment at UON.


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